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Lyme disease Symptoms and Treatment

Lyme disease Symptoms and Treatment for lyme disease

Lyme borreliosis is commonly known as Lyme disease is an infection which is caused by the bacterial named spirochetal bacteria. This bacterium is generally transmitted by a tick recognized as Ixodes tick which is more commonly found in Canada, Maine and Minnesota. However, this doesn’t mean that Lyme disease can be only seen in United States. It can be also found throughout the United Kingdom and Europe. In Asian region bacteria named Borrelia Afzelii and Borrelia Garinii can also lead to the development of Lyme disease. red rashes for lyme diseaseAs far as the question of the signs and symptom of Lyme disease are concerned, a person can receive numbers of signs and symptoms that could be either severe or mild. However, the occurrence of the signs and symptoms usually differ from person to person.

Lyme Disease Symptoms

Person with Lyme disease may generally get the initial symptom in the form of rash which emerges 2 to 25 days after getting bitten by the tick. The rash usually doesn’t lead to itchy and painful skin however, few time it may produce itchiness. It also has been noticed that Lyme disease can also cause symptoms like flu. Muscles ache, headache, high fever, chill and body aches could be the indications of Lyme disease. One of the very common and initial sign may emerge as a result of Lyme disease is Erythema chronicum migrans which is a circular reddish rash. Feeling malaise with above symptoms may also considered as a major indication of this disease.

stages of lyme disease for lymeLyme disease symptoms may also lead to the evolvement of painful inflammation in the joints and other parts of the body. The disease progresses the symptoms tends to more severe even life-threatening. Neurological issue may also present if this infection is not properly treated. Intolerance to light, neck stiffness and inflammation to the spinal cord nerve are the other indications that a patient with Lyme disease may present. Cardiovascular issues such as inflammation to the heart tissues, heart failure and heart palpitation may also come into existence if the problem persistent for a long period of time. Persistent swollen glands, motions sickness, diarrhea, constipation, night sweat and head congestion may also occur as a result of Lyme disease.

Treatment Options for Lyme disease

If we discuss about the major available treatment options for Lyme disease, antibiotic medicines are highly recommended by most of the physicians in its early stage. The people who get right antibiotics at the right time have a greater chance to get recovered well from this infection. The later stage of Lyme disease is perhaps more difficult to treat. If the nervous system gets affected from the Lyme disease then the patient should be observed by intensive care. In this situation intravenous antibiotics are recommended to reduce the severity of its indications. This type of treatment is effective in diminishing the Lyme disease but this process may consume lot of time to recover.

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