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Sore throat remedies

sore throat natural remedies

A sore throat is a painful condition of throat that has numbers of causes. It can cause due to certain viral infections, allergies, chickenpox, measles, herpes virus, whooping cough, tonsillitis and many more other causes. However, sore throat is generally caused by the condition named pharyngitis which is a sort of inflammation of throat. It could be also a first sign of cold or the first sign of many other illnesses. When it comes to treat the Sore Throat people can find numbers of treatment options.

sore throatThere are numbers of analgesic medicines available such as non-steroid anti-inflammatory drugs and acetaminophen drugs that can be used to treat the condition of this infection. However, it is possible that treatment options may vary from one person to another generally depends on the cause of the occurrence of pain. However, in most of the cases the patients don’t need to go for the anti-inflammatory drugs because a sore throat generally gets resolved quickly. For better manage the indications of Sore Throat infection people can pursue numerous natural herbs and sore throat remedies that can speed up the healing process of this infection.

Some of The Best Sore Throat Remedies

Gargle With Salt Warm Water 

gargle salt water for sore throat There is nothing better than gargling throat with warm salted water. The University of Connecticut has stated that gargling immensely assist a patient in soothing the condition of throat. It is one of the best natural analgesic remedies that should be easily used without any hesitation. It kills the bacteria and breaks down the secretions.

Stay Hydrated 

stay hydrated for sore throat It is extremely necessary for a patient to stay hydrated in order to fight from sore throat. Therefore, you need to drink plenty of water to keep your body hydrated. If your body is properly hydrated then your living organisms will better able to fight with organisms that are bad for your health.

Licorice Root 

Licorice Root for sore throatLicorice root has been used since time by the people to get different sorts of health benefits. Experts believe that Licorice has been used since ancient time to treat sore throat. You can use it by creating a gargle solution by mixing up water and licorice root.

Use the power of garlic 

use power of garlic for sore throatGarlic is known for its powerful antibacterial and antiviral properties which not only helps you to strengthen your immunity but is extremely necessary for managing the condition of sore throat. It kills the bacteria and viruses of the throat and soothes the pain and other complications caused by the sore throat.

Apple Cider Vinegar As Sore Throat Remedies

use apple cider vinegar and honey for sore throatApple Cider Vinegar is acidic in nature that has strong influence over the sore throat. The acidic properties found in apple cider vinegar have sufficient potential to eliminate the bacteria and viruses from the throat.


Honey is best known for its wound healing properties plus it has some great extent of antibacterial and antiviral properties which works like a miracle to eliminate the virus of antibacterial from the sore throat.

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