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Improve Brain and Heart Health with Jaimangal Ras (SY)

jaimangal ras for heart and brain

Which kind of health related problem you are affected with? Are you suffering from fever, intermittent fever, chronic fever or you want to improve the functionalities of your brain and heart. Well, try an Ayurvedic medicine called Jaimangal Ras (SY) which may prove to be your best companion in deracinating some of the vicious health […]

How can Swarna Malini Basant Ras (bhrit) assist in staying fit and disease-free?

swarna malini ras

When we hear the word Ayurveda, we quickly assist it with natural herbs, ingredients and ‘jaddi-buti’. Don’t we? But isn’t all true? It is true that Ayurveda and nature are interrelated but another true fact is that Ayurveda is much wider than we think. It is not only a natural treatment option but it governs […]


A Long List of Suvarna Bhasma Benefits


Suvarna Bhasma literally means “Suvarna= gold and Bhasma= calx” which means the ash of gold. As the name suggests that the pure gold is being used in order to prepare Suvarna Bhasma medicine. The word Suvarna Bhasma is originated in Sanskrit and broadly prevalent among the voids across the world. You would be surprised to […]


Make your Child Intelligent with Brahmi Vati Suvarnayukta


A child’s brain is an extremely delicate part of the body that governs the brain functions as well as body function too. As it is a vital part of the body it becomes imperative to provide the strength to the child’s brain. If you are the parent of a child, you will definitely want that […]


The list of benefits of using Mahalaxmi Vilas Ras (SW.YU.)


Is there anyone who doesn’t want to be healthy? We all want, but there are few people who take the pain to indulge into physical activity to achieve their main goal. People are too lazy to follow the healthy diet or workout routine. This is the reason that you become ill and get many other […]


How can kanchnar Guggulu affect your health?


There are many people who are suffering from some or other health conditions and to cure their conditions they are using some or other medications. But, have you ever tried anything Ayurvedic? Probably not the reason is a lack of knowledge. No, don’t get wrong, I am saying this because this is true. There are […]


10 most astonishing effects of Aloe Vera Juice on human body- Benefits of Aloe Vera Juice

benefits of aloe vera .

All of us dream to have a healthy body and live longer without dependent on medicines. Well, this dream can be true with the help of an astonishing natural ingredient. Yes, you read it right. Not believing me? Read this article and you will find that yes, your dream of a healthy body can become […]


All the benefits of coconut oil for liver

coconut oil for liver

If you are a healthy person, you might not think about your liver. If you want to know the secret behind healthy liver, this is the perfect article for you. By this article, you can get a perfect ingredient for a healthy liver. This article is not only helpful for that person who is searching […]


Lavender Oil For Herpes- The Fragrant Treatment For Genital Herpes


Having blisters and lesions in the genital parts of the body is the most annoying and embarrassing situation for any herpes patient. The situation can become worse if you left your body to heal itself during an active outbreak. This will make the virus continue hampering your day to day life. If you will try […]


Turmeric as a treatment for diarrhea- is it good?

turmeric for diarrhea

Diarrhea is the most problematic condition and to get rid of this people usually use so many medicines. If you want to cure this problem, read on. This article is helpful for that people who are already using medicines but not getting any benefits. Well, before sharing anything about its cure let’s move on to […]

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